The Genus Morpho
The Genus Morpho
The Genus Morpho
Morpho cypris

The Worlds Most Beautiful Exotic Butterflies

About Morpho Butterflies: The genus Morpho is a monophyletic genus composed of approximately 40 species.  All members of this genus are considered neo-tropical with their nearest evolutionary relatives being the Indo-Asian & Indo-Australian Amathusinae.  While most Morpho species are South American and occur in the dense jungles of the Amazonian Basin, a number of species occur in cooler habitats.   Several species prefer fairly high altitudes in the Andes and a few have adapted to semiarid environments of Mexico and the grasslands of southern South America.  According to the records, members of the genus Morpho occur as far north as the southern most portion of Arizona in the southwestern USA and as far south as northern Chile and Argentina.

Butterflies of the Genus Morpho are among the most colorful of all insects and it is perhaps the metallic blue species which have gained the most popularity among collectors, the art industry and most recently, butterfly houses. The word Morpho itself, is an epithet for the goddess of beauty, Aphrodite!

About this Web Site: The goal of this site is to provide a pictorial guide to all butterflies belonging to the Genus Morpho with some information provided for each species as well. We hope that this will be a helpful resource for anyone interested in these fascinating butterflies. We are continually adding to the content of this web site over time. We are always looking for additional information or pictures from our visitors.

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