The Genus Morpho
The Genus Morpho
The Genus Morpho
Morpho cypris

The Worlds Most Beautiful Exotic Butterflies

Comprehensive List of Species
Morpho butterflies are divided into the following nine Subgenus groups.
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Subgenus Cypritis "Rhetenor Species Group"
Morpho cypris
Morpho rhetenor
Subgenus Schwartzia "Hecuba Specis Group"
Morpho cisseis
Morpho hecuba
  Morpho phanodemus (Confirmed ssp. of M. cisseis)
Subgenus Iphimedeia "Hercules Species Group"
Morpho amphitrion
Morpho hercules
Morpho richardus
Morpho staudingeri
Morpho telemachus
Morpho theseus
Subgenus Iphixibia
Morpho anaxibia
Subgenus Cytheritis
Morpho portis
Morpho rhodopteron
Morpho sulkowskyi
Morpho adonis
Morpho eugenia
Morpho aega
Morpho zephyritis
Subgenus Pessonia
Morpho catenarius
Morpho laertes
Morpho titei
Morpho polyphemus
Morpho luna
Subgenus Graesseia
Morpho amathonte
Morpho menelaus
Morpho godarti
Subgenus Balachowskyna
Morpho aurora
Morpho absolini
Subgenus Morpho
Morpho deidamia
Morpho electra
Morpho granadensis
Morpho hemerocallis
Morpho lycanor
Morpho syphra
Morpho rugitaeniata
Morpho taboga
Morpho peleides
Morpho confusa
Morpho peleus
Morpho parallela
Morpho tabagoensus
Morpho helenor
Morpho achillaena
Morpho coelestis
Morpho papirus
Morpho trojana
Morpho leontius
Morpho achiles
Morpho patroclus
Morpho psudogamedes
Morpho guaranos
Morpho telamon
Morpho vitrea

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